This year Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Kanpur took Social entrepreneurship one notch higher by organising Socha- Unconvention in association with Villgro. It saw a huge participation of startups and entrepreneurs passionate to make this world a better place. The Business Model Competition was followed by keynote speeches by Mr. Chand Das(ex-CEO, ITC), Mr. Dhairya Pujara (CEO, Ycenter) and Ms. Aarti Wig (co-Founder, Yunus Social Business India) which was attended by a vast crowd of curious young leaders.

Decentrik and Monc Technologies were the joint winner of the competition. Here is a glimpse of what Decentrik has to offer.

Decentrik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Social Startup whose objective is to develop such Technologies and Products and decentralised green business models, which are in the interest of the Environment and the larger common masses, and also create local entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities for the youth through technology. To fulfil this objective, they have developed an Eco-friendly Smart Roadside Public Drinking Water Model. The main features/objectives are listed below-


The problem being solved, and why is it compelling? – The transient, more particularly the low-income population don’t have affordable and yet hygienic options for pure, safe & chilled water, and have to depend on expensive bottled water, un-healthy plastic water pouches or the highly unreliable refrigerated water trolleys. This new and only automated dispensing system offers an alternative which is convenient, highly affordable, sustainable, healthier and eco-friendly than the existing options.

Why now is the right time?

The relevance of such a system is growing day by day with the people becoming more conscious about the quality of drinking water and the Government about the plastic pollution and adoption of clean technologies and processes and overall cleanliness which is evident, from the launching of “Swach Bharat Mission” programme by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and “Clean UP Green UP”, Plastic BAN by Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Akhilesh Yadav.


Social/Environmental and Economic Objectives and Impact of the Model-

Environment Protection & Ecological Balance-

(a)  Elimination of Plastic Waste- One unit is capable of eliminating almost 900 kilograms of plastic waste in a year by using food grade recyclable paper glasses, thus in one year through 1000 such units we can prevent the accumulation of almost 9 lakh kgs of plastic waste on our already overburdened planet.

(b)   Green Logistics & Reduction of carbon footprint – The entire process of delivering water to the consumers is carried out in a manner to ensure zero carbon emission; one unit will eliminate around 657 kgs of Co2 emission in a year and 1000 units will prevent around 657000 kgs of Co2 from entering our atmosphere.

(c)   Decentralized Systems for Ecological Balance – In place of setting up huge centralized purification plants at one place and sucking out enormous quantity of water from that place, we set up small decentralized units in vicinity of high density public places to feed the mobile units serving on the go consumers at those places, which maintains the ecological balance in terms of the usage of a valuable resource water.

Promotion of Local Entrepreneurship & Self Employment Opportunities- The low-income group strata of the society which is dependent on the roadside business, primarily faces two major challenges to take up entrepreneurial activities in this rapid age of technology-

  1. Access to New and rapidly changing Technology– Often an individual’s limited resources act as a barrier to adopt, develop and upgrade new technology, we provide them the assurance in terms of the technology so that they can focus on developing their core business.
  2. Access to means of financing– It is a challenging task to secure a loan or finance by the less fortunate lot of our society, through a small revenue sharing model we provide the banker/financer the collective responsibility and confidence of providing loans. By addressing these two basic problems we can create 20000 micro-entrepreneurs and self employment opportunities in the range of 15000-20000 rupees per month in 80 towns of UttarPradesh alone in the next two years.
  3. Revival of Fresh and Healthy Indigenous Beverages– To link the local dairy products and local beverages with new technology and create local market for them and empower the people associated with them, which are perishing day by day due to the packaged concentrate model.

Explore a whole new world of social entrepreneurship with Decentrik Technologies!