Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together, deliberate upon them, try to find solutions and most importantly, ACT.

We, at E-cell, IIT Kanpur try to provide a platform where people of the campus community can come forward and interact, through an informal session called “Campus Hangout”.

Whether you have an idea or have the technical know-how, whether you require suggestions or are searching for a co-founder, whether you want to know about market research techniques or the art of making your presence on the web, whether you wish to know where to start your ground work or you are undecided on which market segment to target, it is quite probable that you will get useful inputs from other like-minded people present there.

One such session was held on 1st April in which around twenty entrepreneurship enthusiasts stepped in to discuss their idea which they think has the power to revolutionize the market or the problem they believe requires immediate attention.

Many in the group pitched their ideas, received suggestions, got introduced to an entirely different perspective or the gimmick to build upon the progress that they have done already. Ideas were discussed across a wide domain from agricultural tech to consumer behaviour. Revenue gain, risk management, market research, finances, investments and collaborations, technical requirements, marketing, consumer segments and much more was touch paced.

This one-hour session turned out to be mutually beneficial for all, irrespective of the developmental stage which their venture had reached. As more people will participate and as we will dive deeper into the stuff, the productivity of these sessions shall only increase exponentially.

Therefore, E-Cell IIT Kanpur invites you to our next campus hangout. Details will be shared shortly.