Mother's Day

Marrying maternity with entrepreneurship, these are the women who chose to start up a business while bringing up children. They are their own boss, living lives on their own term and a force to reckon with in every possible field. E-Cell, IIT Kanpur salutes the spirit of these fiery, multi-tasking, innovative Mompreneurs this Mother’s Day!

Read on to find out more about their journeys.



LimeRoad was the inception of an idea that came to this former investment banker after the birth of her son, when she was on maternity leave. While flipping through magazine pages, she realized the need for a platform where one could access the vast array of amazing products being made and shipped out of India. With the idea in place for a women’s online lifestyle platform, she took the challenge of turning entrepreneur head on by travelling to India from London every month, leaving her son and daughter behind with her husband. And since then; the platform has grown to becoming India’s leading discovery platform for lifestyle products with 18 million products.



Married at the age of nineteen and a homemaker till her sons turned busy, she decided to something constructive in her free time. Spotting the opportunity for women’s north Indian ethnic wear in the market combined with her desire to dabble in good design, taking a plunge she started BIBA. That she was available for her sons when they needed her and that her customers were women who came to her home helped. In three decades, she has moved from selling Rs.170-Salwar suits from her home to running a business with a turnover of around Rs.500 crore.



A young mother when she moved to India from the United States, kids were her driving factor behind starting Hang Out. She found no places to spend quality time with her family in India and felt determined to create what she calls a gift for her kids. After travelling extensively for two years, doing a lot of  research coupled with market study, and regular feedback from her kids, she set up Hang Out, a comprehensive centre for family fun in Delhi. As the name suggests it’s a family hangout that promotes family interaction and understands the various sibling specific age preferences of entertainment and needs of the family a whole, catering from toddlers to teens and parents to grandparents.



Being one of the most powerful woman in the world and a mother of two daughters, parenting wasn’t easy for Arianna. After having some initial problems when she  gave birth to Christina, her first daughter,  she felt as if her dreams came true. But as a working mother guilt was never far away. But she pulled through it and now that her daughters are in their 20s, the mom feels that one should stop worrying about doing it perfectly and eliminate self-judgements about how one could have been a better mother. After stepping down from her role in Huffington post in 2016, she is now devoting her time in her new startup, Thrive Global.



From being a divorcee and mother of three to running her own successful company with a turnover of over 17 Million Dollars in just 8 years, her title on her business card read Founder/Mom instead of CEO. PackIt emerged out of her own need for lunch boxes that kept the meal cool, after hearing her kids complain about their blueberries getting warm and mushy at school. She did all the groundwork by herself, using shower curtains and ice bags to make her first prototype and went from having zero experience in running a business to making a successful pitch that raised $2 Million from private investors.


So here’s a shout to to women who raise businesses and babies!