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In the present world of Business each day brings in a challenge. Your decisions can make or break the future of the company you are associated with. And not to mention the pressure situations in which the industry experts are required to solve the problems, to maintain your rationality can be a great challenge in itself

The best way to make yourself ready for that phase is participation in challenging Case Study Competitions. Decrypt is about solving problems that are critical to answer for an entrepreneur or business person at some stage. These competitions guarantees to provide a real world entrepreneurship/ management experience with a really challenging case to solve.

Last Year winners:

  1. The Cryptix: Jeet Patel, Jay Patrikar ,Shilpi Agrawal
  2. Alchemist: Sabyasachi Mishra,Pramod Kumar Singh
  3. Alpha-Beta-Gamma: Preetham gampa, Harish, Shanti Sree
    YUP: Yugesh Kumar

The winner of the Offline Round is:

    Aakash Tiwaari


The Case can be downloaded here .
Note: The full text case would not be made public. It would be sent to only the registered participants. The abstract of the case would be updated on the site on 14th August.

Event Structure

This time at Decrypt, teams get to choose between participating online or through an offline presentation. And we have just one case, you crack it - you win it!

  1. You receive the Case after you register - it is the same for both Online Submissions and Offline Presentations.

  2. The participating teams get to choose between online submission of solution or through an offline presentation.

    Guidelines for Solution:

    • The participants are expected to critically analyse the case and come up with their solution along with proper justifications at every point.
    • The solution must be clear in every aspect and major pointers should be highlighted.
    • Real world analogies for the case are welcome.
    • All sources, if any, must be cited.

  3. Your entry will be either only an online submission or it may be coupled with an offline presentation before our panel. So All teams will submit their entry online first, in the required format:

    • Output: PPT/ PDF document-10 slides/ pages + Appendix.
    • You can be as creative as you can, you can use pictures, videos, infographics or any tool. In the Appendix, please highlight the references & the tools used.
    • Name of the file submitted: “[Name of the Team]_[Name of College]”
    • Contact Details: Don't forget to mention your names and contact details at the end of the document.

    Submission Process: You can either mail your PDF document to [email protected] with the subject being “Submission: [Name of Team] [Name of College]” OR if the file is too large, you can share the link to the file.

  4. For the teams choosing Offline Participation
    Note: All the teams choosing offline mode of participation are also required to submit their solution by 25th August, 2016.

    Guidelines for Presentation:

    • The participants have to give a presentation of their proposed solution on stage where their performance will be judged by our panel of judges. The presentation here cannot have any new content from the solution submitted online.
    • The presentation here cannot have any new content from the solution submitted online.
    • Each presentation will last around 10-12 minutes which will further be followed by the Q & A round.


  • Last date to Register : 14th August '16
  • Case Release Date : 15th August '16
  • Last date to Submit Entries(both Online and Offline) : 25th August '16
  • Presentation of Offline Entries : 27th August '16
  • Results Declaration : 28th August '16


Register by clicking here.


We have Cash prizes worth INR 35,000 for our winners, which shall be distributed as follows:

  • Online Submission : INR 15,000
  • Offline Submission : INR 20,000

Rules and Regulations

  • A team of maximum 3 members is allowed. Though you may choose to participate individually as well.
  • No individual can be a part of more than one team.
  • The entries must be the original work of its team members.
  • The judges and organizers will take utmost care in handling entries and guarantee utmost confidentiality.
  • Every contestant must agree with the rules of the contest and must agree to accept a declaration of confidentiality.
  • The judging panel and organising team reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any participating team they find or believe has:
    • Tampered with the entry process or the operation of the competition
    • Violated these rules
    • Plagiarised all or part of their solution
  • The decision of our judging panels will be considered final. No further objections regarding their decision will be entertained.
  • All entries would remain the property of the organisers.