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Innovation amalgamated with right attitude is what defines IITK E-Cell. Associating with corporates is our unique two-way mutually beneficial strategy to achieve a completely professional working background and guidance along with financial assistance, and give in return, a perfect blend of extensive publicity through media covering the entire populace and excellent employer opportunities in terms of youth based student pool to choose from.

What we offer you:

  • Round the year visibility as our CHIEF SPONSORS, through a multitudinous number of events organized across the country, which includes events with a substantial national outreach such as TEDxIITKanpur , E-SUMMIT and IDEAS. We ensure your name doesn’t leave any part of the campus untouched , by giving extensive publicity through banners and posters, appearance of your LOGO on our website (fairly popular with visitor count reaching about 1400 per day during key events) and an extravagant promotion through social networking media like Facebook and Twitter , and through Times of India, the most read national daily.


Many students have that creative urge in them ready to spurt out at any moment. They have dreamt and believed that they were supposed to do something amazing, special, important, outstanding. They believed in the existence of something only they could achieve and that they were destined for success. If you are one student who has believed so, it is indeed true!

E-cell provides you with both the opportunity and support to help you leave your mark, make a difference, leave your legacy by choice and not by chance! Innovate, create and build your own future. Encompassing the world of logic, to which you are well accustomed, is the world of your imagination. As Albert Einstein said - "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."To give wing to your IDEAS, E-Cell IIT Kanpur has been one of the rare institutes to introduce Deferred Placement Program (DPP). It allows the students with a vision to give chance to their dreams without compromising on the financial security offered by a regular job. What more, you don't have to be the one starting from scratch, using your heady judgements, you can make your name to be analogous to the term 'intrapreneurship' as the Mackintosh team! E-cell aims at giving you insight in all such matters which would not change the course of your life, but will enable you to CHOSE TO DO SO YOUR OWN WAY.


Students of IIT Kanpur have been known for their brilliance and creative spirit. In a vibrant campus full of enthusiastic students, entrepreneurship forms an integral part of their lives. There are several projects are being undertaken by students in the field of mobile technology, cloud based services, healthcare, gaming technology, online merchandise and many more. Mentors could help them not only with the technical aspect of the projects but also guide them on the lines of team effort, choosing the right co-founder, legal essentials of starting a business and many more.

If you feel interested to mentor the students of IIT Kanpur, please contact the Head of Corporate Relations of E-Cell, Kanupriya Agarwal.


Since all educational institutes work with the common aim of building an inspired and enlightened GenNext, it is no doubt that collectively, all such institutes form a huge family all whose members are linked with a common mission. The student body of E-Cell IITK firmly accredits that all such institutes must co-operate to drive in the real sense of entrepreneurship in the young minds of today. We beckon with open arms and friendly attitude the co- operation of fellow institutes with us so that not only can both sides involved mutually benefit in terms of expansion of scope through venture capitalist networks and provision of resources , but also exchange knowledge and learn from each other’s student pools through participation in competitions , workshops and much more. One such way of collaboration is through Campus Ambassadorship

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